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Private Rental Form

If you are renting your lot privately or will have personal guests occupying your site, it is necessary that the Motor Coach Village Association be informed, as per Article III, Section 22 of our CC&R’s.  You must also abide by all rules and regulations concerning rentals, including the submission of leases/rental agreements and the collection and payment of applicable resort fees.  

Your renter/guest must complete the Rental Key Card Authorization Form.  Please also be aware that our CC&Rs require all motorcoaches be Class A, minimum of 31 feet long and that there is a maximum of 2 pets.  No pet fences allowed at MCV. 

Please complete this form at least 72 hours prior to their arrival. We need your authorization on file before someone occupies your lot.  Since your guests do not have to stop and register with anyone, please be sure they have clear directions to your site.