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Social/Activity Calendar

Owners:  To reserve the "O" for a private function, please use this Reservation Form .
You will receive a confirmation email once the reservation has been added to the calendar

In order not to clog up the calendar, here are some repeating events during the season:
Monday - MCV Mistresses Golf - times vary, get your name on the lost.  See Tom Geyer for Men’s tee times.  Women see coordinator.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday - Pickleball - 8 AM
Tuesday/ Thursday Men’s Golf League
Wednesday - StoneRidge Ladies Golf League - times vary, see Golf Pro.
Wednesday - Giggling Girls of Golf (not yet ready to join Ladies League) - see Becky Wissler
Thursday - Pickleball "lite" (ladies)
Thursday - 6:00 p.m. - Hand, Knee, and Foot card games, Weekly sign-up at the O"